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Pirate Party!

Here's the follow up to the pre-party photos we took. Before the party I went to Candace's housewarming/birthday party. She had gotten fruit and so we took a photo with it (it had a tropical theme. I found this lei on my sister's floor and was like, 'this is cute' and she told me she was going to throw it away so I rescued it. It came in handy.)

The night before I'd gone out to dinner and ice cream with Val. Here she is, enjoying her ice cream as she is wont to do.

And here we are at the party. These are some of my housemates. (Note: It's cool, we're all 21.)

Once I set the camera down, Jimmy hijacked it, and so I have a lot of photos from weird angles. But he took a couple of me sitting next to him that turned out well. This first one is me being really really excited and Jimmy I thik trying to look pensive.

And here I am, making my "cute pirate" face (huh?).

To dispel the notion that I was the only person who dressed up for this theme, I got photos of Can and Alex, who had brought bandanas.

Alex complained bitterly when I posted this photo of him on the Facebook, but I think it's great. He described it as "maybe-keeping-me-from-holding-public-office bad," but everyone else really liked it.

Also, though it may look like it, Candace and I weren't the only girls there. My roommate was there, and Felicia showed up. But really, if you have 9 guys living in a house, this is what the parties look like. Fun!


At 7:28 PM, Blogger jovaliquilts said...

Aaarrrggghhhhhhh, matey!
(so says Val)


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