Jocelyn's Knitting Blog

Recent Stanford grad delves into knitting as she recovers from tonsil surgery. What will come of it?


Quick Update

I'm in San Diego, having an awesome time hanging out with Kim & Nic. And I went surfing! Twice! This makes me almost a pro (or at least, almost able to stand up half the time).


Finishing Up!

I made progress on a few things this week.

One thing I finished was the dinosaur hat for Nathan. Here you can see it being blocked.

Skills I learned: Grafting

I think it is so super cute. There are some parts that aren't my best work (or even close to it), but I figure Nathan will be forgiving. Here you can see the little strap to hold it onto his cute little head. (The button is a lot more green in real life than it is in this photo.)

I think this can also be a dragon hat. Roar!!

Here are the first two of four panels for the bag I'm making out of sari silk. This will either be the front or the back, although once all four are done I'll get to flip and mix & match them so I have the ones that match best together.

Here is the pinwheel rug I made the first week I was recovering from my tonsillectomy. You can see I still haven't sewn both ends together (on the right), or tucked in the ends, or, in fact, made either border for this small circle. I made the mistake of using kind of pricey yarn (for a rug!) which I won't do again.

Skills I learned: Short rows
Carrying yarn along the side

Also, I went hiking on Saturday. There was a huuuuuuuge tree stump (I think the tree had been burned down) and so I climbed into it and got a photo.

As if all of this wasn't enough excitement, I applied for 3 jobs and health insurance! A productive couple days indeed.

I'm off to San Diego to hang out with Kim & Nic for a while -- Nic says he'll take me surfing!


Pirate Party!

Here's the follow up to the pre-party photos we took. Before the party I went to Candace's housewarming/birthday party. She had gotten fruit and so we took a photo with it (it had a tropical theme. I found this lei on my sister's floor and was like, 'this is cute' and she told me she was going to throw it away so I rescued it. It came in handy.)

The night before I'd gone out to dinner and ice cream with Val. Here she is, enjoying her ice cream as she is wont to do.

And here we are at the party. These are some of my housemates. (Note: It's cool, we're all 21.)

Once I set the camera down, Jimmy hijacked it, and so I have a lot of photos from weird angles. But he took a couple of me sitting next to him that turned out well. This first one is me being really really excited and Jimmy I thik trying to look pensive.

And here I am, making my "cute pirate" face (huh?).

To dispel the notion that I was the only person who dressed up for this theme, I got photos of Can and Alex, who had brought bandanas.

Alex complained bitterly when I posted this photo of him on the Facebook, but I think it's great. He described it as "maybe-keeping-me-from-holding-public-office bad," but everyone else really liked it.

Also, though it may look like it, Candace and I weren't the only girls there. My roommate was there, and Felicia showed up. But really, if you have 9 guys living in a house, this is what the parties look like. Fun!


One more

Because I'm actually really impressed with some of it!

Jocelyn Sarah Ross's Aliases

Your movie star name: Blueberries Martin

Your fashion designer name is Jocelyn Prague

Your socialite name is Jaja New York

Your fly girl / guy name is J Ros

Your detective name is Tiger Uni

Your barfly name is Chips Mojito

Your soap opera name is Sarah Cureton

Your rock star name is Chocolate Cheeta

Your Star Wars name is Jocmiz Roski

Your punk rock band name is The Lazy Lei


Typhoid, Bread, Knitting, and Pirates

Long time, no post. Well, lots has happened since I last posted. I sent in a job application to Google (!!), and am ready to send in a few more this afternoon. I have been immunized against polio (adult booster shot), know what to do if I'm licked by a wild dog, and have begun my week long oral typhoid vaccine. Exciting!

I hosted a dinner party last Friday for Candace, Daniel, and my sister. I made artichokes (first time!), carrot ginger soup, baked tofu, and challah. We had cherries for desert.

Joie, David's cousin, helped me make the challah earlier in the day. The recipe made 2 loaves so here you can see one loaf that I gave to my housemates. (From the left: Rob, Alexandra, Dave, and Randal.)

This is the loaf my friends & I ate.

(Peeking out from under the paper towel challah cover.)

Here is a beautiful setting of the table, and Candace and my sister are soooo excited about the food about to be served.

Also, because this is mostly knitting, Candace turns 22 on Friday and so I'm knitting her a scarf with the yarn my mom's friend gave to me for graduation.

This stuff is so cool. I love how the yarn is sometimes furry and sometimes not so it has those great stripes on the scarf.

Also, we're hosting a pirate party on Saturday. When taking photos to make e-flyers to advertise, we decided this wasn't scary ...

... but that this was.

Also, we took one with Bo the Space Pirate for good measure.



I realized I have many many many unfinished projects. On the needles right now:

Heart scarf
Pinwheel rug
Bag for Carol
Scarf for Kim
Hat for Nathan
Log cabin pillow (soon to be frogged)

And I intend to make:

Bags to submit to Knitty
Scarf for Allen
Bag for Valerie
Rainjacket out of plastic bags
Toddler sweater

And those are just the ones where I've already picked out the patterns! Ouff.

To distract myself from these unfinished things, I'm posting photos of the bag in progress. I went to the yarn store and learned how to wind the yarn on that neat contraption they have that makes it so easy. Gone are the days when men would come acourtin' and hold the yarn while you, beauteous lass that you were, would wind it into a ball with smooth, delicate hands. Now we have a contraption, made in Japan, which will do it for ye.

Here is the first panel (of four) that I made of the bag. Sari yarn is interesting to work with -- some parts are really skinny and some quite thick. You can see the two hanks I wound on the left side.